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Global Award to MyAdmin from Microsoft!

2022 Microsoft Modern Workplace for SMB Partner of the Year


Manage Your Products

Use as much as you need!

Exchange your products live. Return your products that you do not use automatically with our operation bot.


Get Support

Get the answer right away.

Our support bots will go over the help library with you and, if necessary, connect you with a support agent.


Keep Users Up-to-Date

Trainings for your teams!

With the MyAdmin Academy, you can routinely train your team on the products you own and boost your productivity.


Adaptation Center

Adapt new products to your users.

Adapt Microsoft cloud services you've acquired to your IT team and end-users with workshops and gamifications.


Improve Security

Work with our security bots to help you.

Make frequent security assessments of your environment with the MyScore security bot and understand what measures you need to take.


Win with Cloud

Win as you use it and spend it as you wish!

Save Money Points as you use your cloud solutions and redeem them for ETS, Migros, or MediaMarkt gift cards.


Advantages of MyAdmin for Your Company

  • You can manage your licenses instantly.

  • You can analyze your Azure consumptions in detail.

  • You can educate your employees about new products and innovations with Academy.

  • You can get product technical support and look over the knowledge base.

  • You can win and spend Money Points as you use it.

  • You can do periodic analysis with security bots.

  • You can buy and discover Microsoft solutions according to your needs.

  • You can do cost optimization by returning products you do not use automatically.

  • You can manage your bills and pay by your credit card.

  • You can manage licenses that belong to different organizations from a single panel.

  • You can separate your bills by splitting your usage into regions.


Valid Countries

MyAdmin provides services for the following countries.

  • Turkey

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Qatar

  • South Africa

  • Nigeria

  • Jordan

  • Morocco

About Us

Makronet is a dedicated Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) business partner operating in the IT sector since 2000, providing high-quality solutions and consultancy services to its customers on Microsoft products, holding the only global award in Turkey, at Gold level in all cloud technologies expertise.

At the same time, since Makronet has the multi-tier competency of Microsoft, it can offer services directly to its customers through Microsoft Ireland, as well as through Microsoft distributors in Turkey.

About Us

With the managed services and solutions provided for Microsoft cloud solution users, Makronet enables its customers to benefit from purchased products and services with high efficiency.

With its RnD office located in Teknopark Istanbul, Makronet develops cyber security and artificial intelligence solutions and products for Microsoft users all over the world. Makronet won 8 local awards from Microsoft Turkey and 2 global awards from Microsoft America with its vision, high customer satisfaction and solutions it developed.

With MyAdmin, you can also join the family of Makronet customers and start benefiting from all of our solutions straight away. To get more detailed information about Makronet, you can visit


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